My Story

Victor Adeniran was born in Denver, Colorado but moved to Nigeria with his parents soon after that, where he would spend the next 17 years. While living almost two decades in Nigeria, he fell in love with various forms of art — but it was the intersections of dance, painting, sketching, and drawing that held his attention the most. After moving back to the U.S, he then served in the United States Marine Corps for over 13 years, where he visited a laundry list of countries that ultimately inspired, informed, and enhanced his creativity. Countries like Japan,Thailand, Laos, Australia, Germany and Kuwait were among the various locales where Adeniran admired and internalized the splendor. He found beauty in all these places regardless of what the naked eye might have been seeing and incorporated these elements into his work. He has also had the chance to study dance at Paloma’s College in San Marcos, California, where he majored in Dance Improvisation. He also performed for and studied with companies such as Culture Shock San Diego and Debbie Allen Dance Academy Los Angeles. Upon moving back to Denver after his time in the military, Adeniran performed and continued to enhance his skills and knowledge with MOTH Poetic Circus, as well as participating in various immersive events with the locally-owned production company MOXIE Luxe. In the past year, the artist has had the chance to  showcase work with companies such as RAWArtist locally, in Los Angeles and also at Gallerie Mellanrum in Stockholm, Sweden.